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The Association

For the purpose of honouring the person and work of Giuseppe Mazzotti, in November 1982 the Pugliese-Mazzotti family and Adriano Zanotto, proprietor of the Gambrinus Park Restaurant and a good friend of Mazzotti’s, together with other friends of the writer - Toni Benetton, Cino Boccazzi, Giovan Battista Ceriana, Ugo Fabris, Sandro Meccoli and Giovanni Vicentini – the “Amici di Comisso” Literary Prize Association, the San Polo di Piave Municipality and the Italian Touring Club formed a committee to set up the GAMBRINUS "GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTI” LITERARY PRIZE FOR BOOKS ON MOUNTAINEERING, EXPLORATION AND ECOLOGY.

The prize was presented officially on 16 May 1983 at the Milan Press Club and the first edition was held in November of that year.  In 1986 the committee became an association, named the “GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTI LITERARY PRIZE”.

The Association’s Management Committee, supported by the members of the Prize jury, with the 4th edition of 1986 set up an occasional “Honoris Causa” Prize, assigned during the award ceremony to a celebrity, institution, public or private organization whose work has achieved great distinction in one of the sectors to which the Prize is dedicated.  This prestigious award has been assigned to: Sabatino Moscati, Archaeologist and Accademico dei Lincei (1986); Mario Pavan Entomologist-Ecologist (1987); Nuto Revelli Writer (1988); Gianni Berengo Gardin photographer (1989); Renato Bazzoni Architect and Secretary General of the Italian Environmental Fund (F.A.I.) (1990); Giovan Battista Pellegrini Linguist (1991); Sandro Ruffo Entomologist and Director of the Verona Natural History Museum (1992); Fosco Maraini  Orientalist, Ethnologist, Anthropologist, Explorer and Climber (1998); the Worldwatch Institute directed by Lester Brown (1999); Walter Bonatti Climber, Explorer, Writer (2001); Mario Rigoni Stern Writer (2002); the Citizens’ Committee for Fanzolo (2004); Piero Angela Journalist, Scientific Populariser, TV personality, Writer (2006); Andrea Zanzotto Poet (2008); Richard Samson Odingo Geographer and Climatologist (2009); Giulia Maria Mozzoni Crespi Founder of the Italian Environmental Fund (F.A.I.) (2012).

From the award ceremony of the 12th edition in 1994 Adriano Zanotto, Chef of the Gambrinus Park Restaurant, pays homage to important members of the food and wine trade, one of the many interests of Giuseppe Mazzotti, who, together with Giuseppe Maffioli, re-launched typical Treviso cuisine worldwide.  The prize is aptly named the "Gambero d'Oro".

In 2005 the “VENETO BANCA PRIZE – La Voce dei Lettori” was set up to award a “super prize” to the book a panel of 40 readers most enjoyed reading from those selected by the jury as winners in the different categories.

2008 saw the introduction of the very popular “Giuseppe Mazzotti Junior Literary Prize” addressed to students from the high schools in the Triveneto Region with the aim of informing the younger generations about the man who inspired our Prize and increasing awareness of the many issues, still extremely topical, dealt with by this illustrious intellectual during his lifetime.

The Association has also promoted popular national and international events and initiatives regarding current issues, including conferences, seminars, debates, exhibitions, etc., highly appreciated by mass-media, experts and scholars, as well as the general public.

The Association also publishes volumes of the works of Giuseppe Mazzotti and the proceedings of the conferences promoted by the committee.

In conjunction with the 16th edition of 1998 the Association published a general catalogue which includes the winning books and special mentions, as well as all the works submitted up to that time.  This will make it easy for scholars and readers to consult the numerous works involved, even those which have not won or been mentioned, but which are often equally valid, interesting and noteworthy.  

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